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How to help your child succeed in music...

The founders of Milano Music began their business over 68 years ago teaching accordion to many students in Los Angeles.  Through the course of the years, and the increasing numbers of students who came to them for their musical education needs, they witnessed  what seemed to be a single “key to success.”   Surprisingly, it was not the teacher alone, or a better quality instrument, or even the basic raw talent of the student.  Yes, all of this combined is vital, but not necessarily what made the student’s musical voyage a successful one.  Having the parents on board and helping “row the boat” is the missing element for musical success.

 Linton Milano Music’s Parental Guide for Music Students

How YOU Fit In: 
Always remember that your support is an essential element in your child’s success.

Schedule practice times.  Music achievement requires effort over a period of time.  You can help your child
succeed by doing the following:
*Providing a quiet place for practice.
*Remaining nearby during practice times as much as possible.
*Scheduling a consistent daily time for practice.
*Praising your child’s efforts and achievements.

What to do:
*Encourage your child to play and perform for family and friends.
*Offer compliments and encouragement regularly.
*Expose your child to a wide variety of music, including live concerts and recitals.
*Encourage your child to talk with you about his or her lessons.
*Make sure that your child’s instrument is always in good working condition.
*Allow your child to play many types of music, not just study pieces.
*Listen to your child practice, and acknowledge improvements.
*Help your child build a personal music library.
*Communicate with your child’s teacher after every lesson.
*If you play an instrument, learn duets together.

What not to do:
*Don’t use practice as punishment.
*Don’t insist your child play for others when he or she does not want to.
*Don’t ridicule or make fun of mistakes or less-than-perfect playing.
*Don’t apologize to others for your child’s weak performance.
*Don’t start your child on an instrument that is in poor working condition.
*Don’t expect rapid progress and development in the beginning.

If your child loses interest:
In the event that your child loses interest in his or her music studies, don’t panic.
             *Discuss the situation with your child to determine why their interest is declining.
             *Counsel with your child’s music teacher to see what might be done to rekindle their enthusiasm.
             *Encourage your child to stick with the lessons for an agreed period of time.
*Offer increased enthusiasm and support.

A musical education will enhance many other aspects of your child’s development.   These are:
*problem solving *memory skills
*teamwork *self-confidence
*goal-setting *concentration
*self-expression *poise
*coordination *and much, much more!

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