Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Some interesting things to consider when moving your piano...

Here are some interesting tips on things to consider if you are going to move your piano.  Remember to always use a professional!  These tips come from Arizona piano mover Juan Carlos.

What is the size of the Piano?

It would be a good idea to figure out what size your piano is.  On a baby grand or grand this is done by measuring from the front of the piano (the keyboard) to the back of the piano.  On an upright piano it is done from top to bottom.  

Are there any stairs or obstacles involved?

It is important to let the mover know if there are any obstacles like narrow hallways or tight corners during the move.  Also, the number of stairs will need to be described so the movers can bring the necessary ramps and pads.

How far is the move?

The mover will need to know just how far the move is.  An in-town move and cross country move are obviously two different prices.

Will I need to tune my piano?

Most pianos will need to be tuned after they are moved.  It is important to let the piano sit for a period of time before tuning (usually a couple weeks).  We offer piano moving/tuning packages then allow you to schedule the tuning at your convenience.

Juan Carlos piano mover Mesa AZ can be reached by visiting his website at www.pianomoverarizona.com.